Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Beauty Bible

I should definitely be getting paid for my word of mouth advertising.. I'm asked all too often what products I swear by & so I present to you all.. free of charge.. with no reward but your happiness.. My Beauty Bible.. packed with tips, tricks, DIY's & the products I swear by.




I don't think I know a girl that doesn't have hairspray in her bathroom cabinet at all times.. Get more use out of it

Remove Ink & Mascara Stains- simply spray & wipe.. it's magic!

Stop those smudges- after applying make-up spray on the face & your make-up will not budge.. picked up from dance recitals, this trick is perfect for Festivals, clubbing and sweaty concert venues.

Remove Frizz- spray a folded tissue with hairspray and brush the tissue from the roots to the ends of your hair for frizz free perfection


Baby Powder! Sprinkle some on and rub in with fingers or brush.. this works great for disguising re-growth too


Wash your make-up off every night.. even if its with a make-up wipe.. your skin ages 3 weeks for every night you sleep in your make-up

Meditate- When you meditate a hormone called dimethyltryptamine is released.. considered the spirit molecule amongst its many benefits it is litterally anti-aging!

Shop the expensive brands online  

If you're having a bad skin week/month/life go for a week without any make up, clenanse your face everyday with an all natural cleanser like Sukin (about $8 from price line) and put hemp seed oil on your face (hemp seed oil can be purchased from health food stores, organic stores and any hippy looking place at the markets) guaranteed you'll be glowing in 7 days.. just make sure you drink plenty of water.. it works because hemp (yes cannabis) promotes cell regeneration.. it evens out skin tone, moisturises and boosts cell growth.


Soft skin miracle treatment!!

In a new sock (please don't use an old one unless you're happy to rub it all over your body) put some rolled oats and tie a knot in the end.. gather it all to the end, dip it in water and rub on dry skin.. works amazingly on feet, knee and elbow skin

And now for the products I swear by..

Tanning- Garnier Solair Intense Bronzing Milk

Why? It feels like you're applying moisturiser so its super quick.. its streak free & from just one use you are so damn brown.. its not an orange base either so its a really great natural colour.. and it's only about $12 from your local supermarket.

Foundation- I hate the feel and look of foundation on my face so I use Garnier BB Cream, I just brush a bit of Australis Darkest Brown Pressed Powder over the top and I love the effect!

Why? The BB Cream is light weight and provides great coverage.. it's also way better for your skin! The powder I have used since I was 14.. I love it, all of my best girlfriends from Queensland still use it because I converted them so long ago.. get on it ladies the BB Cream is around $10 from your local Coles, Priceline, Safeway and the powder is $11.95 from Priceline.. so cheap.. so good!

Okay, so I had intended to include a lot more products but my boyfriend is pestering me to organise dinner.. it is 11:19pm after all.. oops

I'll be sure to post another Beauty Bible edition in the near future.. I hope you've found this useful readers..

Peace & Love to you all

A parting message for you all

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who loves herself and is happy in her own skin..


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