Sunday, 24 November 2013

Yard Sale Splendour

After spending hours lusting after a new wardrobe, slowly getting more and more over the pieces in my possession it was decided that I need to cull. Considering my recent lack of funds it was time to see if I could make a bit of extra cash from the clothes I wasn't wearing.

So today was spent at my friend Sarah's house, selling pre-loved & almost new fashions to the people of Brunswick. Despite a wet and slow start to the day, the sun came out & we managed to make a few dollars and piece together a couple of outfits out of our garments for sale. I made $85 and had a great day in the process.. what a win of a Sunday!

You can find Sarah's blog & a link to the online shopping cartel and we will be setting up shop again tomorrow from midday onwards & again next Saturday.

8 Prentice Street Brunswick for Black market Vintage & modern, loved fashions..

Emerald Green Maxi Skirt
Black Friday Fringe Dress size 12 $20 + postage & handling (PM me)

A $10 addition to my wardrobe thanks to my girl Sarah.. I'm obsessed!

                      Sailor Drop Waist Dress

The cutest little skirt suit given to me by Sarah.. so in love with this flirty summer look.. you can even see our little Yard Sale in the background.

Sarah wears a dress of mine that I picked up on Nasty Gal now $35 (PM me)

This is such a good festival ensemble, I love how tonal it is with Sarah's new hair as well.. she's working it so much better than I ever did.

Leopard Dress- SOLD
Black Suede Vest- SOLD
Gold Plated Belt (worn as headband)- $5 (PM me)

Lips Knit- $25 (PM me)
Leopard Mini- $15 (PM me)

Hopefully I'll see some of you there tomorrow or next weekend. Thank you for reading.
Peace & Love to you all.

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