Tuesday, 7 October 2014


It has been far too long, I have been so busy making my dreams come true that I have barely had time to think, let alone post. If you follow my instagram and Facebook you will have already heard the exciting news that has me so busy of late. If you haven't this is it..  I've been asked to design a Capsule Range for Frankies Boutique's SS14 Collection! The range will soon be available for preorder online at frankies295.com.au with a special preview at 'Rocking the Runway Against Breast Cancer' a fundraiser being held at The Grand Hotel Warrandyte, Thursday the 23rd of October at 7pm. My range will be shown after the launch of Frankies new signature basics collection. I am so excited for the event for so many reasons other than the obvious. Most importantly due to the fact that 100% of profits go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

I'm going to get very personal for a minute here, my dear Nanna, won her battle against the disease but lost a breast before I was born. I remember being little asking her why she had to sew padding into her bra, she explained that she did it so she wouldn't look 'uneven'.. Being a child, I never really thought much of it, I didn't quite understand why she felt she had to be 'even'. It wasn't until I grew older that I realised what she must have gone through and how brave and strong she was. Sadly while she won her battle against Breast Cancer my Nanna died of Bowel Cancer in 1996. She was quite arguably my favorite person in the whole wide world. There's not a day that goes by where I don't think of her and miss her. Nanna was my first word and my best friend, a woman with so much strength and a woman who to this day is an inspiration to me. That's why when Prue Garner (Creative Director of Frankies) told me about the event I was willing to do anything to help get it off the ground. When she saw my design work from RMIT and asked me to design a range for her to be shown at the event, well that was a dream come true.

To those that are local I would love if if you could come, tickets are only $55 pp, including champagne, a cocktail on arrival, canapes, entertainment by DJ Marco Lepore and a dessert buffet!. It starts at 7pm but doors open at 6pm, so please get your tickets here and show your support for Breast Cancer, Frankies Boutique & me.

Until then, here are some outfit shots taken by the very beautiful and very talented Maddie from Little Black Beau  we chose and photographed our favorite looks in store a few weeks ago.

Get the Look at Frankies!


Black pleather skirt available in store only $49

Tiger dress available in store only $49
The incredibly comfortable black sandals are also available in white. 

The cute black charm bracelet is only $9.95 and they are all unique.
The black and silver ring is only $19.95, all jewelery items are one offs, so be an individual and get yourself one now (prices may vary)

New stock has also landed at Frankies, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the buying trip with Prue, so I can tell you first hand that there are some very essential pieces for summer and some amazing dresses for Spring Racing. Head to frankies295.com.au to buy online or if you're local or fancy a nice day by the river shopping and drinking coffee at one of the cute cafes, head instore to 272 Yarra street Warrandyte.

I hope you can attend 'Rocking the Runway Against Breast Cancer' would love your support for NBCF, Frankies & myself. Click here to secure your tickets before they run out.

Peace & love to you all

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  1. Denver! How beautiful it is that you would open your heart in such a way.

    Your bravery has inspired me to be brave and tell you something I have never told anyone.
    My granny had the same thing happen to her! She had breast cancer and lost her breast to it too. She also wore padding.

    It's said that our culture would make our grandmothers feel that they had to wear a fake breast just to feel like a woman, but truly facing that adversity and coming out with scars like that would make them more of a woman than they were before. Those scars are something they can and should be proud of. I always suffered with people looking down on my scars and making me feel bad about them, but today I can say I am proud of them, they make me who I am, they show my strength, they are proof of my lion heart and they are BEAUTIFUL!

    It makes me very happy to know that finally information is coming out to allow people
    to cure their breast cancer naturally and never have to resort to something like that!

    And to any girls out there that ever felt like they weren't beautiful or enough or the right shape or the right colour; I want you to know that each one of us is like a flower in a field of many flowers, we are all beautiful, we are all different/individuals and that is the thing that makes us the most beautiful.