Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dreaming of Coachella... Part 1

While I lie in my hospital bed awaiting my next dose of painkillers, my dazed mind drifts longingly to thoughts of Summer Festivals and Americas infamous Coachella. 

Before you ask, I am okay. I've had surgery today on an abscess on my tailbone & fingers crossed I'll be home tomorrow and using my Mac to post and not my smashed up iPhone 5. I hope this post works and that you can all understand why I haven't posted in a few days.

I'm dedicating this post to my dear friend Samantha, the lucky duck is heading to Coachella next year & asked my help for outfit inspiration.

Forget about your festival denim shorts, I think it's about time that we think outside of the box.. I'm thinking looks inspired by Clueless, the 80's, Off-duty models & past Coachella styles. 

"Rolling with the homies"

I stumbled across an amazing Wild Fox shoot inspired by the Fashion of clueless..

I totally paused..

Wild Fox did an incredible job recreating the looks of every girls favorite film, however I feel there's some original looks from the film that deserve to be paid some homag√©. 

Living in the 80's..

In fashion, we find ourselves seeking inspiration from the past.. While the 90's look is trending hard at the moment, I'm finding little touches from the 80's everywhere..

Models Off-Duty..

I think I have a bit of an obsession with models, in particular their style choices off the Runway and out of the Fashion Magazines, there's something so effortlessly chic about it..

Images taken from &

Coachella erry where!

I've picked a few of my favourite looks from past Coachella festivals.

Alexa Chung

Kate Bosworth

Audrina Partridge

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, featuring trend breakdowns and as always the cheapest way to get the looks. I'll do these as soon as I'm home & comfortable. Apologies if there's any errors with the layout, it's my first mobile post & I have had a LOT of painkillers.

Enjoy readers, peace & love to you all.


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cheap & Cheery.. sunshine for days

Today was spent trying to sell clothes again at mine & Sarah's Yard Sale, while no money was made by me today, I did manage to get some shots of my new very budget friendly purchases. I realise that what I'm about to say may shock a few readers but shame or no shame, I must say that I love Kmart!

The dress pictured below was $10 from Kmart! The long black tube skirt.. $15! These were incredible bargains and I only spent 5 minutes in store. Since the rework of the buying department at Kmart, they've really stepped up their game. Here's a few shots taken today, thank god it was before the sunburn, I am now a beetroot.

Black sheer maxi $10, Kmart
Jeffrey campbells Holographic Litas $90 Nasty Gal
Black Felt Hat, Sarah's own
Sunglasses $1 Thai markets

Fur $50, Yard Sale
Black Sheer Maxi $10, Kmart
Jeffrey campbell's Holographic lita's $90 Nasty Gal
Sunglasses $1, Thai markets

Adding fur & a hat can add a bit of drama to any dress or outfit & let's face it, in Melbourne it's not uncommon to spot fur in the Summer.

Black maxi tube skirt $15 Kmart
Blouse $10 Yard sale

Black maxi Tube skirt $15, Kmart
Fringe top in grey marle $5 Yard sale

Totally obsessed with my jeffrey's! I love the holographic print thats surfacing right now, especially with an all white combo. I always buy my Jeffrey's from nasty as they're so much cheaper. while these bad boys aren't cheap, they're worth every cent! So comfortable and amazing!

A big thank you to my girl Sarah for being my photographer today, love your work!

I hope your faith is somewhat restored in kmart now, thank you for reading.

Peace & love to you all.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

HOW TO: Minimise your make-up use.

I personally hate what liquid foundation and concealer does to my skin. I don't like the way it feels and I believe that it starts a vicious cycle of foundation dependancy and bad skin. That being said, I don't walk around completely naked either. Over the years I've developed a system of applying just a few products to enhance my natural look & save my skin some stress. I am going to share this process with you right now! It will save you time, money and it will give your skin the much needed chance to breathe and heal. If you do this for 2 weeks I guarantee that you will notice an improvement in blemishes and skin tone. Make sure to drink plenty of water too. This is vital, hydrated skin glows from the inside out.

Step 1: Cleanse- wash your face with a natural cleanser (or your preferred brand) I prefer Surkin Organic Cleanser $9.95 from Priceline.

Step 2: Moisturise- Apply your preferred moisturiser.

Using these 6 products or similar you will transform your face.

Step 3: Apply a pressed powder with a brush, I use Australis Fresh & Flawless pressed powder in darkest brown $10.95 Priceline. Lightly brush the powder onto your face and neck. If you have a blemish apply some cleanser in a dabbing motion and then lightly pat the brush onto it to cover and heal at the same time.

*You can also use a mineral powder or translucent powder. Technically it is a form of foundation but its much less damaging to the skin as most foundation contains a lot of oils that block the pores and cause blemishes.

Step 4: Apply your preferred Mascara (2 coats)

*When I can afford it I generally get cudo deals on eyelash extensions at but at the moment I'm using a new mascara I got from Mecca Cosmetica $36 Stilla Major Major Lash & Australis eyelash extender $14 priceline. I apply the extender first, allow that to dry and then I apply the Major Major Lash.

Step 5:  This step is optional but if like me you're eyebrows are mostly blonde, applying a mineral eye brow pencil lightly can define the shape and frame your face. The idea is to make it look as natural as possible, I use feather light strokes in the direction of the hair growth, mimicking the look of the hair.

Step 6: Apply Bronzer lightly across the apples of your cheeks and lightly frame the face and around your jaw line. Remember, less is more.

Step 7: This once again is optional, but I find that a good shade of lipstick really brightens up my face.
My favourite at the moment is a $5 Rimmel lipstick that I picked up at Priceline.




Photos of myself have not been edited and were taken on my iphone 5 The first photo is without a stitch of makeup and I have only applied the products photographed and described in the step by step.

I'd love to see some selfies of you all sans foundation and concealer, feel free to post in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading, Peace & Love to you all.


Discount Denim

A reader last week asked me if I could help her find some cheap jeans. I thought there might be a few others that might benefit and so I did a bit of research and I present to you the holy grail of discount denim. A tip for online shoppers.. make sure that you check out the sizing guide and become familiar with your hip and leg measurements. Measuring can save you a lot of time and effort, online returns are such a pain!

My latest obsession strikes again! the are great because they stock the big brands that you're familiar with and have a good idea of the fit of most of their designs.

For those of you that aren't so comfortable with shopping online for jeans, you'll be surprised at what you can find in your local Kmart & Target stores. Kmart in particular have completely reworked their buying department and are really smashing out the on trend garments. 

My dear friend Samantha sent me a link to this increbible pair of jeans she purchased at Glassons online.

Here's a few others I found on the site.

I hope this has saved you all some time & money.
Happy Shopping

Peace & Love to you all.