Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Summer in the Ocean

As the days grow warmer everywhere else it seems but Melbourne, my mind drifts romantically to the beach holiday that awaits me this coming Christmas. All of a sudden my day dreams of lying in the sun, running across hot sands and diving into the waves comes to a crashing halt as I realise that I have not purchased swimwear for a year! With the Christmas budget strain already taking a firm grasp of my throat I am forced to once again find the cheapest alternative to the trends I'm lusting after.

Having checked out the WGSN forecast for Swimwear 2014/2015 I'm going to start this summer ahead of the curve. I present to you my inspiration, my findings and the cheapest alternatives I could find.

WGSN has forecasted some amazing trends for Summer 2014.. here's a few of my favourites..

Now for the best bit.. The budget section! 






Okay readers, there you have it, swimwear for everyone!

Happy Swimming

Peace & Love to you all

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