Thursday, 17 September 2015


While some of you may have never heard of this term, believe it or not, this is a well established trend across boarders. As the name Health Goth suggests, the look is a fusion of Sports Luxe & Modern Goth. Pioneered by one of my favourite designers, Alexander Wang, I've been keeping an eye on this trend since my boyfriend came home from the US earlier this year with a typical "health goth" Dead Worldwide tee. The look intrigues me & I want to see more of it here in Australia. 

With a monochrome colour palette, the trend is embodied by volumous silhouettes, clean lines & a whole lot of edge. Take a look at my favourite looks from the trend, all images were found via Pinterest. Get the look for less by shopping the guide below the images.

For the gentlemen out there wanting to get the Health Goth look, these dudes have Health Goth on lock!

Now, given the penchant of Health Goths to opt for high end labels, it's not a trend for those on a budget... Oh who am I kidding, it doesn't matter about budget if you know where to shop... Get the look for a fraction of the cost online at stores like ASOS, The Iconic & Nasty Gal. Add new pieces with the monochrome basics in your wardrobe, to extend the look.

Hope you've enjoyed this little insight into the 'Health Goth' trend, I hope more people get on board here in Australia, I love the look.

Don't be afraid to break all the rules and forge your own style too though. Nothing is sexier than an individual that has their own look, beyond main stream Fashion Trends.

Peace & Love to you all.

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