Thursday, 18 August 2016


In an industry that is responsible for so much beauty and so much destruction, I feel it's really important to embrace positive change within the Fashion & Textiles Industry. Advances in technology are playing a massive role in how we shape the fashion industry for future generations. The development of a new leather made from pineapples could effect change in more way than one.

As an advocate for Sustainable Fashion and as a person that genuinely cares about the planet and its creatures great & small, I'm always excited about a new innovation in Fashion & Textiles Sustainability. Animal rights activists in particular can rejoice, as there is a new leather on the market called Pinãtex. Created by Dr Carmen Hijosa the textile has been developed utilising the leaves of pineapples. This is a wonderful innovation for more than the obvious reasons. Used as a substitute for leather, it is an attractive vegan alternative, absolutely. It's also created using the waste of pineapples, so that's less biowaste for the environment to break down, less space for storage, fewer burn offs required and it's making use of an entire crop, creating money where there was once waste and as far as raw materials go, it's readily available. With development and testing conducted in the Phillapines, the production is adding much needed income to the farming communities. The development of Piñatex is in itself creating a new industry. 

I'm personally looking forward to investing my money into brands that support sustainable innovation and do their best to minimise the impact on the planet and its people.

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