Tuesday, 15 July 2014


With the release of Net-a-Porter's new Active Wear Category, it's more than official that Active Wear is here to stay. It's almost as if, every where I go, I am surrounded by Active Wear. Okay, I'm not going to lie, my life basically revolves around Chapel street but that doesn't make what I'm telling you any less accurate.

When I first moved here from Brisbane in 2009, Chapel street was the Fashion Capital. Unless you were running or within a two minute walk from Fitness First, spandex and kicks was not the most common attire you'd see. I remember being mesmerized by the glamorous women that would strut their way down Chapel street with their many designer shopping bags in hand, high heels click clacking on the pavement. These days, men and women look more like they just stepped out of a sports luxe shoot. Perfectly styled gym attire, perfectly groomed and not a drop of sweat insight.

Personally I'm a bit apprehensive about wearing even Vans anywhere but out for a walk and the morning after a sleepless night of study at uni but I get the appeal, it can look good, it's comfortable and hey, maybe it will motivate exercise too. Now I'm sure that actually going to the gym is a very large part of the Active Wear Trend and so it should be considering that the textiles technology they're using for garments like skins (smart compression tights that aid in muscle development and stimulation during exercise), sports bras and absorbent 'dry touch' fabrics. The use of this technology makes Active Wear an expensive investment. So for my super healthy and active readers out there, I present to you a budget friendly guide to Active Wear.

Get the look..


 So many online bargains! 

Don't be afraid to head to sites like these to get luxe labels for less, particularly with active wear as the fit will either be loose or stretchy.

Enjoy your evening ladies.

Peace & Love to you all.

 *Fashion images sourced from pinterest, respective websites and meme found via google.com

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