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Fashion Romance: Decades of Influence

You know the saying History repeats? This statement is particularly true when it comes to Fashion. The 90's throwback to the 70's, the 70's throwback to the 1930's, even the current 90's revival. Stay tuned for a nod back to the 60's and 20's as seen on the runways of Roberto Cavalli, Balenciaga and Chanel just to name a few.

Personally, I am drawn to the romance of the past, I love spending hours flicking through old Vogues, searching the wonderful world wide web and watching old television series and movies like Beverly Hills 90210, Friends, Full House, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Breakfast at Tiffany's (I could probably go on forever) I find a lot of inspiration for my designs, outfits and assessment pieces, even just from an old song. 

Seeing as though this post is long overdue, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite images of the past and I will include a few style recreations for you towards the end. Please enjoy, get swept away in the romance of it all with me.

THE 90'S

  The tumultuous love affair of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. In my opinion two of the most attractive humans in the world. Kate Moss being a fashion icon to this day and Johnny Depp being, well... Johnny Depp, I just love the way they look together. 1994-1998

Beverly Hills 90210, still one of my favorites, even now..

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, 90's grunge pioneers. No words...

THE 80'S

Debbie Harry, front of 80's new wave punk band "Blondie" 

The infamous Madonna launched a style all of her own that saw women of the 80's and beyond 

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder
okay lets face it, if he dated her, she was a fashion icon. Johnny Depp can do no wrong, they are just stunning.

Okay, it was the 80's it wasn't all good. How he still looks so good in that yellow suit, I will never know.

The Supermodels of the 80's Iman, Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson and Naomi Campbell. Note the shoe style here? I'm seeing these everywhere!

 Peplum, another trend we see now and one of my favorite silhouettes.

THE 70'S

 Angelica Huston, long before Witches and The Adams Family, circa 1972 when she was a supermodel for the likes of Vogue. Seen with now ex-husband Jack Nicholson.

 Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger, I love her style and her love of well tailored coats and jackets.

The Runaways

Charlie's Angels

THE 60'S

Jackie Onasis an inspiration to modern day style icons like Olivia Palermo and Victoria Bekham, as well as countless women around the globe.

Bridget Bardot, in my opinion one of the most beautiful women to grace this planet, I just love everything she wore, her style is not restricted to a certain era, some of her outfits you could wear even now.

 THE 50'S

 To me she is the epitome of style and class. Audrey Hepburn is my personal favorite Fashion icon and actress. Growing up watching her films like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday, I fell in love with her style and the grace that comes from a life time of ballet classes. Also, she had a deer named Pippin, pictured above. As if she couldn't be anymore amazing.

Sophia Loren, such a stunning woman, she just oozes sex appeal, even when she dresses conservatively, I love that about her.

Grace Kelly, the epitome of sophistication and class. Such grace and presence. 

THE 40'S

Lauren Bacall

THE 30'S

A woman wearing flared trousers in 1937.. ah how history repeats.

THE 20'S

Louise Brooks, actress and the woman who pioneered the short hairstyle that was so popular in this decade. There's a modern bob that's trending at the moment, funny that.

Coco Chanel, my favorite designer launched her empire in the 20's, she is responsible for the women in pants revolution, her style, attitude and designs capture my imagination like no one else can.

I could go further back through time but ending on my favorite era feels more appropriate somehow. Now for some modern recreations of the past.

 Olivia Palermo, channeling Jackie O

 Victoria Bekham, while to me she'll forever be Posh Spice, she emanates a 1950's look but makes it modern, love her monochrome styling.

 Balenciaga SS14 loving those 1920's feels.

The roaring twenties theme is carried on by Roberto Cavalli SS14

Cara Delvingne rocking the 1960's  mod trend.. and below for Chanel

Moschino SS14 that 1940's- 50's vibe.


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